A Brief Autobiography of Toys &.

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Reading responce” The Art of Interactive Design” by Chris Crawford

The main Characteristics of interactivity
LISTEN THINK SPEAK and the degrees of quality of these essential parts, all parts must be done well, equally well

generations lineage

Human Factors engineering: 50+ years efficiency industrial Phd. standards highly specialised industrial
User Interface : 20 yr field, the personal Computer math/science specialised Less concerned with the THINKING of the algorithm and rather the LISTENING AND SPEAKING
Interactive design: Youngest weeby arts/humanities flexible new paradigm

QUESTIONS I HAVE RAISE. is shopping interactive? grocery shopping?
NO, i feel so disappointed when I think shopping participating in the market place is not interactive.
WHAT ABOUT IN THE MARKETS IN MORROco, where there is no fixed price no self checkout, the value of the object in eastern markets is solely dependent on the interaction with the vendor. the art of haggling!
is http://www.nolable.com interactive! NO, it is more like user interface with explicit options, HHHMMf and there was my hopes for real interactive shopping. I think what I am getting from this is that the ambiguities and complexities of say human haggling might shape the value of the item but does not influence the shape of the item.
Like the dancer interact with one another the dancers do not shape the music.

DOES good INTERACTVITY shape the reality in focus?
A framework of good potentials and variable where the outcome is a record of the event of interacting.

is gambling interactive? no
is throwing a pot interactive?
yikes, inanimate and mortal …aah!

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Insight from the reading

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Sensor walk

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chapters i&2

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